Mei 12, 2011

Hindu religion is the first religion in indonesia. To much indonesian follow that religion. Much of  hindu buildings to reflect that religion.after hindu religion budha to bee enter in indonesia. Budha religion as hidhu at progress to look for the partner. And afther hindhu and budha religion to control indonesia country islam has to go into indonesia. Same of islamic figur has bringing islam is fishers from west country. As we know that the islamic figur in indonesia is nine guarden. They spred islam to all comunity in indonesia.

Afther nine guardien spread islam, the existensial of islam verry improves. Much of cumunity in indonesia to be moslem. And than , much appear some of organization believing in indonesia. Example: NU. Muhammadiyah, Ahmadiyah, Nasabandiyah, Ldi, ect. They are accomplish islam as trend adhere.

But in this era to realize down. Cousing of down islam religion in indonesia is foreing culture into indonesia. Foreing culture has enetered to our live. And indonesia moslem following that culture.For the example: much peopple in indonesia wear the dress as heathen dress. They forgot what the dress in islam and the culture of islam.  And other cousing is distroying moral of comunity of islam in indonesia, much islamic aqedah and syareah left alone by moslem in indonesia. We saldom to meet the discussion in every pleace about islam , they soo like to discuss about shooping, tour, and other,

This is the little history about islam in indonesia, from the first enter to indonesia until the state islam in this era.


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